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Its location in Catanzaro Marina, in fact, allows you to quickly reach any location in Calabria
and return to the hotel, from the beautiful marine landscapes of the Ionian or Tyrrhenian
coast, to the mountains of Sila or Aspromonte.

For lovers of the sea, the Hotel is located in the heart of the Gulf of Squillace, which stretches
between Capo Colonna, Capo Rizzuto, Le Castella, Catanzaro Lido, Squillace, Copanello,
Caminia, Pietragrande, Soverato up to Punta Stilo ( on the borders of the province of Reggio
Calabria). Kilometers of white beaches, pebbles and bays protected from the wind and prying
eyes, some reachable only by sea, represent the essence of the Ionian coast; the Calabrian
inlet, in fact, offers truly evocative stretches of coastline, or better , it is simply a hymn to the
beauty of Nature!!!.

But the real wonder of this territory is that the sea breathes deeply the green of the
surrounding mountains, being only 40 km away from the Altopiano della Sila, characterized
by its increasingly fascinating and picturesque landscapes, numerous uncontaminated river
valleys, torrents and crystal clear waterfalls. Here stands the famous Sila National Park, the
real attraction not only for mountain lovers, but above all, for every traveller, classified as
the most pristine landscape where you can breathe the cleanest air of the mountains in
Europe. (Research conducted by Stefano Montanari, director of the Nanodiagnostic
laboratory in Modena, and Antonietta Gatti, expert in Nanopathologies, who have
scientifically established that in the "Tirivolo" area of ??the Sila, the air is cleaner even than
some areas near at the North Pole).
Just 10 km away, stands the Park of Mediterranean Biodiversity, (also known as Parco dell
'Agraria), a green area inaugurated in 2004 that extends for 60 hectares in the heart of the city
of Catanzaro. The park is an ecosystem in which many floristic and faunistic varieties

coexist, but above all it represents a multi-thematic system in which the naturalistic
dimension intertwines with the cultural, sporting and recreational one.
Inside the Park you can visit the headquarters of the CRAS (Wild Animal Recovery Center),
the MUSMI (Military Historical Museum "Brigata Catanzaro") and the Provincial Police
Corps, as well as two ponds populated by different animal species, a botanical garden at the
Italian composed of over 20,000 new hedges and ground cover plants, jogging paths, cycle
and skating paths, playgrounds, amphitheater, and finally, for culture lovers, the works of
artists like Cragg, Paladino, Fabre, Quinn , Gormley, etc ...
For lovers of the Magno-Greece civilization, the Scolacium Archaeological Park, with its
ancient Greek-Roman and Norman buildings, several archaeological sites, statues and
ceramics of notable historical-artistic interest with an impressive Roman Theater, home to
numerous cultural shows during the summer. Further evidence of the Magno-Greece
civilization can be found at the Castle and at the Museum of Villa Trieste, in Catanzaro,
always 10 km from us.
Finally, just one km from us, there is the Le Fontane Shopping Mall , a large and recent
shopping center, equipped with COOP supermarket, Decathlon, MediaWorld, Brico, Mc
Donald's, The Space Cinema, outdoor park, entertainment areas and many other attractions.


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